Our Services

Full and Half days. We are open throughout the year, including school holidays. During the government school holidays we do not do structured lessons but run a special fun holiday programme. We do, however, close for one week (our mid-year break) at the end of June, then we close for three weeks at the end of each year for our annual leave.

What We Offer

Baby Nursery

We cater for up to 11 Babies from Birth to + 22 months. Our Nursery is separate from the rest of the school but in the same building. It is fully equipped and baby safe.

Sonja, our Surrogate Mom, who is in charge of the Nursery, has been working With us for over 22 years now, so she has lots and lots of experience and love To share. Florence is the Assistant  She is amazingly patient, caring and loving with all the babies.

The Nursery is our special place to be.

Pre-School Classes

All Teachers are fully qualified and experienced. We offer a stimulating pre-school programme and work according to weekly Themes.

We have and use an abundance of perceptual games, toys and puzzles.

Painting, pasting, playdough and creative work is done on a regular basis.

Creative movement, music and singing is part of our curriculum.

Grade 0/R Class

Our Teacher, Lulu, is fully qualified and has many, many years of Teaching experience. Our class is very small, enabling the children to get individual attention.

We use “Letterland” and the CAPS Syllabus. Various mathematical concepts are used, giving the children an excellent grounding and understanding of numeracy.

We prepare children for Private and Government Schools. An Occupational

Therapist is available to do school readiness testing.

Extra Mural Activities

Monkeynastix, Ballet/Modern Dancing, Computer Creche Course, Soccerstars, Build-em-brix and Swimming lessons. These activities all come at an extra cost.

Educational Shows

We do not take the children out on outings, for security reasons.

Once or twice a month, we book professional people, to come to our school, to entertain and educate our children.

This is either as a puppet show, educational show or as a live animal show.

These are great fun. A nominal fee is charged for these shows.


We provide a hot breakfast and lunch. Sandwiches and juice are served at 10:00.

At 15:00 each day, we have snack time, you supply a snack e.g a yoghurt, fruit and fruit juice (no biscuits or sweets allowed).

All food is prepared and cooked daily, according to a menu. This has been approved by the health department.

Our cook is “Lillian”. Lillian has been with our school since 1989, when we first opened. All the children LOVE Lillian’s food.

Extra Information

All children in the school, except for the Grade 0/R children but including the babies in the Nursery, receive a School Report bi-annually (twice a year) The Grade 0/R class receive a report

At the end of the 1st Term (end March), end of the 2nd Term (end June) and at the end of the year.

We have big celebrations and parties on:  Valentine’s Day, Easter, Spring Day, Halloween and Christmas.